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finance converter calculator

1st Calculator v1.15 by RomanLab Software

Expression calculator and converter with skins and lots of features

scientific graphics animation

3D Calculator v1.00 by Farid ABAZIZ

Compute expressions, plot 2D 3D animated functions and run programs.

hex editor disk editor binary editor

010 Editor v2.1.3 by SweetScape Software

The Professional Hex Editor. Analyze and edit any binary file, drive or process.

handy and powerful calculator free calculator software calculator

9Cal v2.0 by Nine Net Co., Ltd.

The most common and easy-to-use and real-calculator-like desktop calculator

scientific calculator edit display calculator calculator

A+ Calc v2.0 by WFW Software

A+ Calc is a scientific calculator with an edit display to alter calculations

units measure converter

A-Converter v1.0SR1 by Xeletrix

A-Converter is a handy unit-conversion utility

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