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smtp server internet

1st Mail Server v2.5 by IM-Soft

Fast and secure SMTP/POP3 server. Lots of features against spam and DDoS.

mailing mail email

1st SMTP Server v2.96 by Emailarms

1st SMTP Server - free SMTP relay server.

mail internet email server

5star Mail Server v2.5 by

Fully-featured SMTP/POP3 mail server program to use along with any mail client.

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.IRC v1.1 by JoHeR

Full Featured Windows .NET IRC Client with built-in SSL (crypted) IRC support.

vb net csharp asp net

.NET Documentation Tool v4.6 by Winnersh Triangle Web Solutions Limited

Creates project documentation for C# and VB.NET .NET Framework applications

voip internet talk free chat

[ClosedTalk] v1.4.1 by CE-Infosys Pte Ltd

Secure VoIP for free internet talk in privacy by encrypting voice communications

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