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vector matrix math

.NET Matrix Library v2.5.5000.8 by Bluebit Software

Provides classes for object-oriented linear algebra in the .NET platform.

screensaver screen saver matrix

A Matrix 3D Screensaver v1.2 by Kryptile Screensavers

Watch the popular Matrix theme in Kryptile Screensavers style!

matrix date clock

3D Matrix Core Screen Saver v1.0 by

Stunning Sci-Fi theme of the core matrix of your system.

clock, date, time, time, screensaver
screen saver desktop

7art Matrix Clock ScreenSaver v1.1 by

This cool clock loads into your reality Neo's daring to be free from the Matrix

parsing expression parser equation

#Calculation Component v2.1.1 98 by XoYo Software

#Calculation - The Powerful Calculation Engine for your applications.

windows forms visual studio  net

.NET Barcode Professional v4.0 by Neodynamic

Barcode for Windows Forms .NET. Linear and 2D Symbologies. Visual Studio support

scientific graphics animation

3D Calculator v1.00 by Farid ABAZIZ

Compute expressions, plot 2D 3D animated functions and run programs.

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