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trial shareware evaluation

1Way v6.0 by Atma Software

Convert any program into time-limited shareware, and register it with a serial.

length conversion software conversion program

32bit Convert It v07.08.20 by ElectraSoft

Converts any unit of measurement to another unit of measurement

windows game free

3D Aqua Slider v1.4 by

Plunge into the Waterworld with Gems, Pyramids, great graphic and music

netscape internet explorer

4t Explorer Sweeper v2.0 by 4t Niagara Software

Keep your important data safe on the net by clears browsing history!

free checkers board games

100% Free Checkers Board Game Windows v7.08 by DreamQuest Software

Revisit this classic and learn Flying Kings! Free trial w/lifelike characters.

checkers, board games, online, games, windows, online
free chess board games

100% Free Chess Board Game for Windows v7.08 by DreamQuest Software

The Battle for the King Has Begun! Free trial w/lifelike characters.

chess, free, board games, game, windows, online
free cribbage crib

100% Free Cribbage Card Game for Windows v7.08 by DreamQuest Software

Race to the Finish with this Classic! Free trial w/lifelike characters.

free euchre bid euchre

100% Free Euchre Card Game for Windows v7.08 by DreamQuest Software

March to Victory with this Mid-West Favorite! Free trial w/lifelike characters.

euchre, bid euchre, card, play, game, play euchre
rummy free card games

100% Free Gin Card Game for Windows v7.08 by DreamQuest Software

Discard and Knock Your Way to the Win! Free trial w/lifelike characters.

rummy, free, card games, game, windows, download
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