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  .Net VisualPaseo Freeware v6.

.Net VisualPaseo Freeware

VisualPaseo is a free add-on for Visual Studio : model your xml scripts graphically, using 35 .Net components (incl. current constraints between steps, implicit variables, intuitive configuration, recovery mode) & use them directly in VS (Paseo SDK) More»

Size30.71 MB
Date Added02/24/2008
Date Update02/24/2008
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VisualPaseo Freeware is a powerful add-on for Visual Studio : develop graphically and generate middlewares (XML scripts) between Visual Studio and 35 technologies & applications (ie. 35 free .Net components). Them run and control these middlewares in VisualStudio via Paseo SDK !
Configure components (Start-Stop service, File Management, Word, Excel, Storage Procedure, SQL import / export / request, Telnet, Rexec, POP / SMTP, FTP, RAS connection, Timer, Variable calculation, Ping, System logs, ...) and current constraints between steps.
Included : current implicit variables, intuitive configuration, recovery mode, event handling, error and log management, execution trace !
View full demo :
Download free scripts (supervision, backup automation...) from the developers community :

.net batch development dotnet export file file management implicit implicit variables import management mode ping process process management program recovery recovery mode rexec scheduler script smtp telnet tool utilities variables component