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  XXXTycoon v2.01


In the game your in charge of your movements, spending, earning, learning and your sex destiny... Visit the city of XXXTycoon and explore each commerce’s which hold lots of suprises and sexual rewards. More»

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Date Added02/24/2008
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In this little funny and sexy town you can walk around visit the streets and sex related business etc... To walk you need to draw a number, this number is the number of steps you can go before the other player can play. If you want to visit a building just click on it to enter. Don't waste your precious Sexcredits and watch your Sexhealth, there is lot a way to bring your Sexhealth up like sleeping, eating ... To bring your Sexlevel up and get the game a bit hotter visit the school. If your running low on Sexcredits you can get a job at one of the building or sell your body at the motel or even sell sex movies at the XXX Video etc... (you can change job more than once in a day but you can only work once a day) The School of SEX the hearth of the game this is were you will gain Sexlevels and get the game going hotter and a lot more interesting for both partners... Remember the school and the bank are close at night. If luck is smiling at you visit the Casino were you can win Sexcredits and erotic actions... You need Sexhealth visit the Resto-Bar were you can drink, eat, dance etc... FREE ACCESS TO OUR XXX GALLERY FOR FREE WITH EVERY PURCHASE

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